to tell Him you love Him (saint francis xavier)

Prayer / Poetry:
My God, I love You!
I love You -Not that You may in heaven save me,
nor because those who don't love You must suffer fire eternally; -
You dear Jesus, on the cross embraced me;
You bore the nails, the lance,
thorns and pains,
sweat and agony -
death itself,
and all for one who was your enemy.
Why then, O Jesus, should I not love You -
Who have been most loving to me -
Not that in heaven You may save me,
nor because of some reward for me,
or lest in hell I burn eternally...
As You have loved me, so I love and will love Thee -
solely because Thou art my King,
and God of my whole being, Who loved me,
and suffered so much for me...
-Saint Francis Xavier