marriage prayer

O God,
we two want to begin our life together with You,
and we want always to continue it with You.
Help us never to hurt
and never to grieve one another.
Help us to share all our work,
all our hopes, all our dreams,
all our successes and all our failures,
all our sorrows and all our joys.
Help us to have no secrets from one another,
so that we may be truly one.
Keep us always true to one another,
and grant that all the years ahead
- may draw us closer to one another.
Grant that nothing may ever come between us,
and nothing may ever make us drift apart.
And as we live with one another,
help us to live with You,
so that our love may grow perfect in Your love -
for You are the God whose name is Love.
These we ask for Your love's sake. Amen.