jesus pleads - forget me not


"Jesus Pleads, Forget Me Not"

Forget Me not upon the silent altar!
They pass me by and leave Me alone.
With love enough for all and every other,
For Me, their God, their hearts are cold as stone.

Forget Me not, for I am ever waiting
For friends who will My bitter wrongs atone.
Forget Me not for I am ever craving
To find true hearts who make My woes their own.

Forget Me not, when desolation tempts thee
To plunge into the world's tempestous sea.
REmember how the sinnersad and weary
My heart inviteth, saying, "Come to Me."

Forget Me not lest one day I upbraid thee,
That coming in thou gavest Me no kiss,
And oh! no thought in bitterness acan equal
The self-reproachful agony of this.

Forget me not in the weariness of sorrow:
There is a home for thee, thy Savior's breast.
Be comforted, the day is ever nearing
When thou wilt find there long and endless rest!