prayer for my parents

O God, whom we obey in honoring our parents,
look down mercifully, I beseech You,
on those to whom in Your Providence I owe my being.
May they grow daily in faith, in hope and in charity.
Implant deeply in their hearts the conviction
that all things and all men must, in the end, return to You.
Condone their frailties,
and impute not to them my sloth and waywardness.
Grant them health and prosperity;
Pour upon them the abundance of Your Grace;
Defend and preserve them by You all-powerful hand.
May my personal Christian living,
by meeting their fondest hopes and expectations,
be the consolation of their last years.
May they die the death of the just.
May they pass quickly to their heavenly home.
And may we, their children, join them there, for all eternity. Amen.
- Daniel Lord, S.J.