birthday prayer

O God,
I thank You for giving me another year of life.
I thank You for all the people who have remembered me today,
and who have sent me cards, and letters, and good wishes and presents;
for everything which I have been enabled by You -
to do, and to be in the past year.
I thank You for all the experiences of the past year -
for times of success, which will always be happy memories;
for times of failure, which reminded me of my own weakness -
and for my need of You;
for times of joy, when the sun was shining;
for times of sorrow, which drove me to You.
Forgive me, for the hours I have wasted;
for the chances I failed to take;
for the opportunities I missed in the past year.
Forgive me, that I have not made of life all that I may have made of it -
and could have made of it.
And help me in the days which lie ahead -
to make this the best year yet,
and in it to bring credit to myself,
happiness to my loved ones,
and joy to You.
These I ask for Jesus' sake.